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11 Murals to Enliven Low-Income Housing Retirement Home (Albany, NY)

Eleven Murals Enliven Low-Income Housing Retirement Home (Albany, NY)

A set of eleven of murals was commissioned by New York-based developer Royce Mulholland, who decided that a soulless 1960s structure he had acquired for redevelopment could be brought to life by the right art, and that this aesthetic upgrade would help brighten the lives of its residents.

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“Royce on the Park”, as it is now called, is a low-income housing retirement home in Albany, NY, that features a 23 x 8 foot mural by Henrik Langsdorf on each of its eleven residential floors. The works were curated by Marius Muresanu, a photographer whose work is on display in the common areas on the ground floor and top floors of the building.

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