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Stage projection for a concert at Goethe University, Frankfurt

stage_LangsdorfTwo works by Henrik Langsdorf were selected for a stage projection for a concert honoring Renate von Metzler, honorary senator of Goethe University Frankfurt.

Runge & Ammon with stage projection by Henrik Langsdorf
Stage photos by Uwe Dettmar, Frankfurt

The concert featured a program of tango adaptations by acclaimed duo Runge & Ammon.
Cellist Eckart Runge, who is a founding member of the world famous Artemis Quartet, has made a name for himself – in tandem with his duo partner pianist Jacques Ammon – for exploring the intersections of classical music, tango, jazz and film music.

series J [rb]
untitled, 2016
series C [separh]
untitled, 2012

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